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How to sell your house quickly! Tips for selling a house quickly for Sellers

1. The most important thing is the "curb appeal".

(First impressions of your home when you first arrive outside).

⦁ Swept driveway and clean floors.

⦁ Voles should be able to open and close and be clean.

⦁ Check that windows and doors are all open and closed.

⦁ If possible, paint or wax or stain.

⦁ Avoid tripping hazards.

⦁ Clear of rubbish.

⦁ Clear of weeds.

⦁ Clean windows inside and out to give more light into the room.

⦁ Clean curtains/nets or remove them as they block light.

⦁ No cobwebs/or too much dust.

⦁ Remove broken objects outside.

⦁ Get rid of dead flowers, plants and pots.

⦁ If possible, add a new plant pot/small laurel or topiary tree or window sealing flowers.

2. Please repair or replace broken items in the house.

3. Declutter and store personal items such as valuables and photos store in boxes.

Anything you are not using to depersonalize the space helps; this will save time when moving and keep the house cleaner, neater and organized.

4. The front and back gardens should be trimmed, clean and tidy there should not be rubbish thrown all over and dumped.

You should be able to walk without tripping or walking through stinging nettles and thistles!

5. The interior of the house should preferably be painted a neutral colour, either white or cream any old torn or damaged wallpapers should be removed off walls or dirty walls cleaned.

6. Remove pets when there is a visit, as some people are afraid or allergic.

7. Always give a key for visits, if possible.

This should be an old or tested key, as some new keys do not always work in locks and need to be recut.

8. Try to make your home look warm and welcoming by making beds etc.

9. Rugs, fresh flowers or fresh fruit are always good to add.

10. The estimate is based on the value of the land on which it is built, the construction of the building (including the materials used to build it) and any renovations, then the age of the building and its size.

11. The REAL value of the property is what someone is actually willing to pay for it.

Please note that an estate agent gives an estimate and not a valuation for the property market; they are not a qualified chartered surveyor. 

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